october 2018 police market report headlines



digital evidence handling capability – we’re looking at 12 months says force

Shared control talks with fire and ambulance progress.

Analytics gap spotted post launch of national vulnerability guidance

Mobile biometrics ruled out until technology is proven

ICT strategy refresh will focus on resource allocation and camera integration

Next generation smartphones will put a strain on digital forensics capacity

Dedicated evidence team set up to progress joined up justice

Biometric fingerprint trial planned by rural force

Extra costs of new national operating platform

Mobile investment outlined to support national enabling

Value delivered by Police ICT co will be scrutinised as further funding sought

Uplift of network cover to meet body worn video data transfer concerns

Manual work arounds for vetting and data clean up

Airwave replacement costs of major forces

New policing model -systems implications

Police won’t share networks with fire







"This is a valued service which provides us with a useful snapshot as to what is happening in the police ICT marketplace."
Head of Service Delivery, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary