november 2018 police market report headlines


ICT plans

Communications plans

Health analytics tie up with city system scrutinised

Social Media monitoring  business case

Road traffic analytics planned to feed multi agency data sharing

Details of new timeline as control scheme tips past £40m mark pending system rebuild.

Digital Hub go ahead in cyber intel uplift

Risk of “complete failure” with partner control system

Funding in place to build cyber capability on regional basis says PCC

Uplift to improve digital public contact channels

Mega ERP partnership to be sought in senior officer talks

Dual running for airwave and mobile networks costing  underway

Statements – chief says body worn video cameras should be used to take them.

£19m+ reserve prioritizes equipping new recruits.

 digital evidence solution – smaller force looks to larger neighbours

Soft skills  to be piloted in control room

Wide ranging CCTV uplift planned to feed into police system

Mobile app covering digital forensics needed for frontline officers

Analytics from roads data feeds sought in Highways agency joint working

Better radio management info sought as force seeks to contain costs.

Vetting and armed policing processes to be standardised across wider platform

Figures for next generation command and control cost revealed.

Costs soar for ERP – see latest version 10 of UK police budgets xls.  

Airwave, channel shift and cyber prioritised in mid term planning statement

"This is a valued service which provides us with a useful snapshot as to what is happening in the police ICT marketplace."
Head of Service Delivery, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary