PMR often spots investment proposals months before a tender is out.

Business problems which need solutions are pin pointed.   Pilots and try outs are flagged up.   

If there is a contact name, PMR will find it.

Then there are the numbers. 

Choose a force or a key word and click. Budget figures are broken down by application, force and year.   Periodic updates are flagged up for subscribers. 

If our online database doesn’t come up with all the answers, chances are we can still help. PMR’s knowledge goes back 21 years.

To learn more, contact us.

"Police Market Report is a definitive information source that enables the planning of sales and marketing campaigns. The service seems to provide deeper insight each year and I would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t previously used it.", Steve Norris, Managing Partner – Criminal Justice & Emergency Services Practice, Telefonica  
Telefonica UK Ltd
"This is a valued service which provides us with a useful snapshot as to what is happening in the police ICT marketplace."
Head of Service Delivery, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary